The John Paul II Pontificate’s Center for Documentation and Research was established October 16, 1981 by the Holy Father. It operates within the John Paul II Foundation with its official seat at the Vatican.

The purpose of the activities of the Center is the documentation and research on the life and teachings of Karol Wojtyla – John Paul II and his pontificate. The archival, library and museum house a vast collection of works that challenge today’s scholars. In addition, and equally significant to note, the aforementioned works will be left as heritage for generations to come.

The collected documentation and research serve to popularize the works of John Paul II. Specifically, exhibits, organized conferences and sponsored symposiums with other institutions that share the same purposes are utilized in an effort to deliver John Paul II works to mainstream society.

The city of Rome, as headquarters of the Center, is an important testimony as to the presence of the Polish Church in the life of the Universal Church. At the same time it constitutes an area of dialogue between countries and cultures in the spirit of the Pontificate of John Paul II.

The documents have not only historical value, but are a testimony as well, of how the pontificate of John Paul II entered in the plan of Divine Providence and in the lives of people. The documents reflect the nature of the universal Church in which fruitful encounter has a place between the Gospel message and different cultures. We hope that the materials gathered in the Archives, in the Library and the Museum will be an important reference point for present and future generations, a challenge for living their Christian faith deeply.

The Centre for Research and Documentation of the Pontificate is managed by Fr. Dr. Andrzej Dobrzynski.

Fr. Andrzej Dobrzynski

The following work at the Centre:

Remigia Sawicka SSCJ

Julia Knurek SSCJ