Museum Collection

The collection is a testimony of spiritual goodness, which grew during the twenty seven years Pope John Paul II’s pontificate. Many of the collected items have historic and artistic value. Considerable part of the paintings collected; decorate the walls of the Polish Home. Coins and other items of memorabilia have been placed in glass cases throughout the building.

There are currently 10,000 items of memorabilia catalogued. These include the following: art, photography, graphics, inlay, cartography, coins, paintings, numismatics, decorations, liturgical items, drawings, sculptures, banners, decorated fabrics.

The Center has provided a significant amount of space in the museum collection to the testimonies of the martyrdom of Poles in the 20th Century. These for example, are items which accompanied prisoners in Nazi concentration camps and in Soviet gulags, items from soldiers who struggled for the freedom of Poland.

Exceptionally valuable are memorabilia from Polish Kings and distinguished personalities of Polish culture. This collection is of special importance to Polish heritage. The following items are particularly precious: The Hebrew Bible form 1543 and the second edition of the New Testament a translation of Rev. Jakub Wujek form 1594, the original letters of kings August II Sas and Jan III Sobieski, a missing page from the draft of Pan Tadeusz by Adam Mickiewicz, and the only preserved draft of the poem Na smętne wieści z Watykanu by Cyprian Kamil Norwid.

The museum can be visited:

From Monday to Saturday
Morning: 9.00 – 13.30
Afternoon: 16.00 – 18.30

By appointment also at other times convenient for you.

There are guided tours available.